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CoronaVirus (COVID 19) Trade Windows Working Procedures

CORGI Fenestration companies have been working hard to put processes in place so that they can ensure your and their operatives’ safety. A new Covid-19 Operating Code has been developed that they have all agreed to follow.

What can you expect

  • The company will contact you on the day of any visits to check if you or any
    occupants are self-isolating, displaying any symptoms of COVID19, and/or have received a positive diagnosis. If this is the case then the work will be deferred for at least 14 days.
  • They will ask you to confirm if there are any persons currently identified as most at risk, such as the over-70’s, and/or with underlying health issues. In
    accordance with government guidelines the work should not go ahead in these
    circumstances and any visits should be rescheduled once government advice
  • When anyone visits your property, they will arrive where possible in separate
    vehicles to avoid cross-contamination and where this may not be possible will
    follow the PHE guidance.
  • All equipment will be cleaned before use.
  • Before they approach your property, they will use hand sanitizer and put
    on the appropriate PPE.
  • They will not shake hands with you, although a smile would be welcoming
    Safe distancing will be maintained throughout between you and the operative.
  • Please help to maintain the 2 meters (6 feet) social distance that will be required when answering your door or if you are in the same room as the operative.
  • You will be asked to isolate yourself away from the operative in a different room whilst the work is carried out.

Sales and initial quotes

  • Sales talks and quotations can be carried out using electronic means e.g. phone, facetime, zoom or companies bespoke virtual showrooms/quotation software.


This is when a qualified window surveyor will measure your windows and doors so that the order can be completed.

  • Please allow a 3 day period between anybody cleaning of the outside of your windows and doors and the date of the survey.
  • Please can you wipe down the interior of the frames and/or doors and all fittings of the products that are to be replaced with disinfectant wipes or a suitable alcohol cleaner?
  • Please ensure there is clear access to the work areas.
  • The surveyor will carry out the outside measurements first.
  • They will then reapply hand sanitizer and change to clean disposable gloves before entering your property.
  • Where possible they will open windows and doors to improve the ventilation of the room in which they are working.
  • When finished, all frames and fittings that have been touched will be wipe down using disposable wipes and/or disposable cloth and a suitable product.
  • Please help to maintain the 2 meters (6 feet) social distance at all time.

What can you do to prepare for installation
To help prevent the touching of your belongings and potential spread of the virus,

  • Please allow a 3 day period between the cleaning of the outside of your windows and doors and the date of installation.
  • Remove any ornaments or plants from the internal window boards/sills.
  • If possible, please move any furniture away from the windows and doors that are being replaced (these will be covered and protected by the installer).
  • Please wipe down the interior of the frames and/or doors and all fittings that are to be replaced using disinfectant wipes or a suitable alcohol cleaner.
  • Please ensure there is clear access to the work areas


  • If you are having considerable work undertaken that may take several days/weeks to complete, you may be requested to allow a portable toilet and washing facility to be placed on your property.
  • If there is no provision then the operatives will follow the guidance on use of PPE and hand sanitizer.
  • At NO time will any operative use your toilet or washing facilities.
  • Protection in the form of new or freshly laundered dust sheets or disposable covering will be used for the floor and furniture within the room.
  • Much as our companies enjoy the hospitality offered by their customers, we are afraid that at these unprecedented times, they will not be able to accept refreshments from you so please do not be offended when we say “please do not offer any refreshments”.

Job completion

  • The installer will wipe down all frames and fittings, both inside and out, using disposable wipes and/or disposable cloth and a suitable product.
  • All rubbish will be removed from the site.
  • All disposable items and PPE will be removed from the site.
    Handover documentation including the companies’ workmanship guarantee and details of how to operate the products will be supplied to you electronically or, if this is not possible, by first class mail.
  • A follow-up call will be made to confirm that you are happy and can operate the installed goods.
  • If washing/toilet facilities were provided they will be cleaned in accordance with the supplier’s guidelines and arrangements will be made for their collection.


  • Once the installation is complete, and you have indicated your acceptance, your installer will notify the work to CORGI Fenestration
  • Your CORGI Fenestration Installation Certificate and Building Control Compliance Certificate will be provided to you electronically.
  • You will also receive a request to rate your installer and to complete a short questionnaire to confirm that the installation was carried out in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines.

Whilst every precaution is being taken to limit the risks and exposure to the virus, we cannot guarantee that this will be eliminated completely and would encourage you to continue to follow the Government guidelines on social distancing and washing of hands.
We, and our companies, would like to thank you for your cooperation in helping us to ensure yours and the operatives’ safety.


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