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Roofline - Fascias, Soffits.

It’s surprising what a difference to the look of a house that soffits and fascias can make. New roofline products not only protect your home, taking away the hassle of water leaking where it shouldn’t, but they also make your property look sleek and smart. Our top quality PVCu products look good and, most importantly, they do the job they’re meant to – once they’re in place, you’ll have no cause to notice them – apart from their smart appearance! They keep water where it should be; draining steadily from the edge of your roof into your drains. No drips, no spills, no cracks or discolouration – and that’s guaranteed for 10 years. Our installation service is part of what makes people recommend Trade Windows to their friends. We’re fast, efficient and thorough, and we clean up afterwards! At no stage do we cut corners. We treat our customers as we’d like to be treated ourselves, and we find it’s an approach that works wonders.

Handy Tip

Handy Tip Never buy from roofline salespeople calling door-to-door if: They can’t back up recommendations. Please make sure you follow up their testimonials by visiting local properties and asking questions. Be aware, installations less than a year old can’t be seen as an endorsement of lasting good work. They can’t give you a landline telephone number and a proper postal address on a printed letterhead. Without this evidence of permanency, any guarantee they give you is worthless. Much better buy from someone local and well established, with permanent showrooms and with recommendations for work completed some years ago – like Trade Windows! Our prices are so competitive, and our service so quick and reliable, there’s no advantage to taking risks on unknowns with your money and your home.


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