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5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Windows

Windows are the eyes of your house and need the very best treatment. Over time, your windows will begin to age and become less efficient, however, the signs can be difficult to spot.

If you need help to identify whether you need new windows, take a look at our top 5 signs to look out for.

1. You Can Feel Drafts and Cold Air
Drafts are a clear sign your windows are not performing efficiently. Drafts often occur when the window doesn’t shut properly or if the locking mechanism is not working any more. New windows will resolve this issue, ensuring heat loss is avoided.

2. Visible Condensation
One of the most common problems that affect the performance of your windows is condensation. If you notice condensation gathering on the inside glass, this could suggest there is a ventilation issue; new windows can help reduce this.

3. Windows are Damaged
Throughout time, your windows endure a lot, and this will eventually lead to them wearing and tearing. General scuff marks are easily removed or wiped clean, but, if you notice your windows rotting or cracking, it is time to replace them to avoid causing serious damage to your home. Mould and damp often form when windows are cracked and not insulating your home properly.

4. Difficulty Opening and Closing Windows
If you’re having difficulty opening and closing your windows, this could be a sign they need replacing. If your windows are stiff or shutting by themselves, it’s time to think about getting new windows as it is not only an inconvenience but it is also a safety hazard.

5. High Energy Bills
If you notice an increase in your energy bills, this could be due to your windows, as they have a significant impact on your home’s insulation. The more heat that escapes, the more central heating you will be using to compensate. Old or insufficient windows could be the reason for your high energy bills. New windows will help to reduce heat loss.

If you’re looking at replacing your windows, Michael and the team can help. At Trade Windows, you won’t find better or more reliable work as customer service is incredibly important to us.

If you would like to find out more about Trade Windows and our new Signature Installations range – simply get in touch with us today.