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Tips for Gutter and Fascia Maintenance This Winter

Keeping your home in prime condition doesn’t just mean cleaning your interior. Looking after the exterior of your home is equally important, especially when it comes to your roof and gutters. Keeping these well maintained is critical to ensuring your property is safe and appealing.  

Over time, your guttering and cladding systems will require regular maintenance to keep them in quality condition and functioning to the best of their ability. It’s surprising what a difference to the look of a house that soffits and fascias can make.

To help you, take a look at our top maintenance tips to keep your system clean and performing correctly.

Maintaining Your Gutter

The purpose of your gutter is to control the flow of rainwater and protect your walls, foundations, roof and surrounding area from flooding! If they are neglected, they can become clogged and create issues for the homeowner. During the winter months, your gutter will accumulate leaves, dirt and other debris. If clogged, this can lead to your home becoming water damaged.

By conducting regular maintenance, you can avoid any risk of costly damage to your property, and also reduce any chance of mice or rats making themselves comfortable in the debris.

Cleaning Your Gutter

Although it is best advised to let professionals such as ourselves to conduct a thorough cleaning of your gutters, you can do it yourself with our simple steps. Get a sturdy extendable ladder and place it on a safe surface, avoiding any uneven paving. It is best to be assisted for safety measures.

Ensure you’re wearing long sleeves, work trousers and rubber gloves as gutter cleaning is dirty work. To remove the debris, use a plastic scoop or shovel to get all the dirt and clutter. Once all the debris has been removed, use your garden hose to clean out the guttering. 

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